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With love and passion for animals we created a place where every pet gets to experience highest quality grooming services. The owner can purchase handmade, unique accessories and participate in events which goal is to unite the pet community in Berlin.

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Hand stripping is based on removing dead hair from rough haired dogs (e.g. Jack Russell Terrier, Fox Terrier, Dachshund etc.) Regular hand stripping helps us achieve the appropriate amount of layers. Hand stripping should be done every 8-10 weeks. When hand stripping isn't done regularly the dead hair which is still in the skin can cause air circulation problems, which can lead to: the dog scratching, red spots and skin diseases.


We only provide full services with bath. The appropriate bath and preparing of the hair is only the start to achieving an amazing hairstyle. In our salon we use professional and certified cosmetics each hand picked to suite each hair type. After bath, while blow drying we brush and style the hair to achieve a nice, clean cut.


We try to ensure high quality services. We have countless training courses behind us and continue to educate ourselves while keeping up with newest trends for our clients to be satisfied. We work with the highest quality equipment and cosmetics. We always try to find the perfect haircut for every individual.


In tidy ups we usually offer nail clipping, ear cleaning, small haircut around the ears, paws and intimate area. This helps to keep the dog in good condition between visits. Ear cleaning in some breeds also includes removing the dead hair from within. This helps with the air flow in the ear while also preventing inflammation and fungi. For our tidy up services the dog should come clean and dry- especially during the Winter/Autumn period.



SMALL_________________from  € 70

MEDIUM_______________from  € 80

LARGE_________________from  € 95


SMALL_________________from  € 48

MEDIUM_______________from  € 58

LARGE_________________from  € 70


SMALL_________________from  € 65

MEDIUM_______________from  € 70

LARGE_________________from  € 85


_____________________  € 10 - € 20

*The appointments final amount depends on the size of the pet, breed and the current condition of fur.

*Every appointment includes ear cleaning, nail clipping and perfume (for free).

*In case of fleas present on your pet additional €15 is added due to use of appropriate substances.





1. Booking of appointment between 10:00-17:00.

2. Late arrival that is over 15 minutes which we weren't notified of results in cancellation of the appointment.

3. If you don't show up or don't cancel the appointment atleast 48h before- next visit has to be paid 50% extra of services provided and must be pre paid.

4. In case of aggressive dogs the owner must notify the groomer before hand and bring a muzzle to the appointment. If it's impossible to provide services due to the dogs aggression the groomer has the right to refuse the service which is still to be paid 100%.

5. We do not use any sort of anxiety calming medication in the salon!

6. If your pet has flees or you think there is a possibility he might have flees do not bring him to the appointment. If during the appointment it turns out your pet is infested an additional charge of €15 will be added to the final cost for appropriate substances.

7. Do not bring your dog to the appointment if she's in heat- for the comfort of your pet and others in the salon.

8. If your pet suffers from any diseases such as neurological, physical, skin, allergy etc. please notify us before the visit. 

9. The salon does not take responsibility for worsening the pets condition e.g. epilepsy, heart disease, skin allergy if the owner failed to notify us before hand.

10. For the safety of your pet, making the groomers work easier and to shorten the time of services being provided the pet must be left without supervision. When the owner is not present the animal is more calm and more willing to co-operate with the groomer. We work with the help of sharp objects e.g. scissors. If the animal is distressed while on the table there's a bigger chance of an injury occurring. The owners have the option of a waiting room, where they can wait for their pet. 

11. Every animal should own a book of current vaccination against rabies.

12. Animals with hair knots/matting result in additional charge and are exposed to harm during the visit. Because of tangled hair, your pet might need a very short shave, right at the skin, in places where there's matting. It's a risky procedure and can cause harm if the animal suddenly moves. After shaving, wounds can appear that were caused before, under the matting. Tangles and matting in animals can cause skin and health problems as they don't allow proper air circulation and cause fungal and bacterial infections. Another danger in this situation can be flees, larvae, ticks and other insects, who might live in the areas of matted fur, resulting in further skin infections. 

13. To correctly, safely and least stressfully deal with providing services on the animal there should always be extra time booked for new clients. In case the animal is too stressed during the visit, it might be necessary to finish during the next appointment.

14. We do not shave breeds who have an under coat such as Pomeranian, Husky, Samoyed etc. 

By leaving your pet in our salon you agree to all of the terms & conditions listed above. 


Personalised care for each pet
Certified team providing best quality services
Safe & comforting environment for your pet
Our passion & love for animals is undeniable
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Uhlandstraße 121, 10717 Berlin

Tel: +49 173 7910 163



Wednesday- Friday: 10:00 - 18:00

​​Saturday: 9:00 - 17:00

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